Saturday, August 30, 2014

Space/Time in a Bottle

Space/Time in a Bottle
I set out to understand why time is the fourth dimension.  Why is it different?  We consider the first 3 dimensions as defining matter and space, but then make time the fourth.  This is because we are trying to solve a problem we do not understand.  We have nowhere else to go, so we say the fourth dimension gives us “time”.  The fourth dimension does give us time, just like the pressure of a train blows the whistle, but remember it gives us time, it’s not time.  This is the difference. We are defining a dimension by its product.  We do not call the 3rd dimension matter, do we?  No, we do not, because matter is created by the 3rd dimension, it is the product of the 3rd dimension.
The same is true for time.  Just like we see matter as a product of the 3rd dimension, we also see time as the product of the 4th dimension. But this is only for us, and we decide how to measure it, just like we decide how to measure matter.  The measurement may seem obvious and intuitive, but nevertheless, it was chosen.
We need to stop defining the fourth dimension as time.  It is not time and the measurement of time has nothing to do with understanding what is outside of our solar system.
If the fourth dimension is not time, but instead it is a container and pressure just like the previous, then it would be reasonable to think the dimensions that following, follow the same rules.

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