Sunday, September 28, 2014


KLINGER’S THEORY (of Planer Forces)

The following is a list of claims used to define Klinger’s Theory of Planer Forces.

1. The Universe is formed and influenced by planer forces.

2. Our visible Universe makes up an octave of dimensions. Every octave completes a cycle and contains everything visible in our night sky. The octave contains the border of our universe down to the building blocks we theorize as atoms (three dimensional matter).

3. All matter manifests into all dimensions and does so in the shape of a Fibonacci helix. It is natures drill bit.
   a. Three dimensional matter manifests in the fourth dimension.
      i. Creates Fibonacci Helix we see with plants and animals.
   b. Fourth dimensional matter (Sun and Planets) manifests in the fifth dimension as our solar system, and (at the right speed) can be seen as a Fibonacci helix.
   c. Fifth dimensional (Stars collating) manifests in the sixth dimension as a galaxy in the shape of a Fibonacci helix.
   d. Sixth dimensional (Galaxies) manifests in the seventh dimension as the Universe in the shape of a Fibonacci helix.
       1. We cannot see this because we are inside of the singularity. This means the sixth dimension is the limit of our conscious awareness.
      2. We would have to be outside of the singularity in order to see the Fibonacci helix made by the Universe. But, we would then be in a different octave, and still unable to see the Universe’s helix from our perspective.
   e. The eighth dimension is the same as the first, just like an octave scale of music.

4. Time is not the fourth dimension. Time is a product of the fourth dimension.
   a. The first three dimensions do not experience time as we do in the fourth; therefore, they are seen as a solid.
   b. All of the “time” experienced in the fourth dimension is seen as an instant in the fifth, sixth and seventh. The fourth dimension is seen as a solid from the sixth dimension.
   c. Three dimensional matter appears in the fourth dimension, and creates a wave that is squeezed (pinched flat) by the fifth dimension. This becomes our solar plane created by the seam between opposing planer forces closing in on the appearing star. The smashed wave traps the three dimensional debris and creates a pause for the matter to experience itself.

5. Gravity, as currently defined (attraction of mass), is a false interpretation of reality. Planer forces are responsible for all motion in our Universe.
  a. Gravity on our earth is a centrifugal force projected onto the earth’s surface from its rotation (orbit) around the Sun.
      i. The earth is the wall of a centrifuge.
      ii. Time (product of fourth dimension) is responsible for us seeing this orbit as lengthy but it happens in an instant, everywhere but here.

6. Three dimensional conscious matter travels (cycles) from the fourth to the sixth dimensions.
   a. The three dimensional material cycles in the fourth.
   b. Consciousness travels to the sixth dimension to complete its cycle.
      i. We know this because three dimensional matter is seen in the sixth dimension with galaxy formations. This (sixth dimension) is the extent our consciousness is aware.
      ii. Our consciousness is moving to the sixth, once we are aware of the fifth dimension, by definition, we must be in the sixth to experience the awareness.
7. Every octave of dimensions is contained in a singularity.

8. Energy is a product of the pressure dimensions apply to each other.
   a. All pressure is derived from surrounding dimensions and all dimensions are pressurized.
   b. Energy is seen as the life cycle of all matter inside of dimensions.

9. All the matter we see is contained in all of the dimensions at all times. a. Because time is our observation window into the Universe, we have a perspective unique to the dimension we occupy in the singularity.

10. Everything is connected and the spiritualists are correct. It may be magic to us, but it is real.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Let’s cut to the chase here, at least part of the chase anyway.  What does this theory say about time travel?  Well, those who keep up with the blog, videos and book, know that I emphatically put forth it is impossible to time travel.  But, I always add; with our three dimensional bodies it is impossible, it is not impossible for our consciousness to time travel.

So, according to this theory, time (as we think of it) does not exist.  If this is true, and we live within a continuous instant, the past and future do not exist and therefore are not accessible to us. But, since we experience our three dimensional self from the fourth dimension, then we should be able to (or do) experience ourselves from the fifth and sixth dimensions as well.  If we can do this, and become aware from the sixth dimension, then, to us the fourth dimension would become a point with no such thing as time; therefore, you would see it’s totality in an instant from the sixth dimension perspective.  This means it would contain all of the past within it as well, but I cannot be certain that our future is there. Because of this, I lean towards the future not being part of the instant (of totality) seen from the sixth dimension perspective, but I do think the point would contain all of the past. In support of this logic, I would think if something is experiencing itself, then it is more likely it cannot know the future; otherwise the experience would have no value.

We think of ourselves as three dimensional matter experiencing time. We can all agree on that. But if we are aware of this experience because we contemplate time (fourth dimension) then we must be in the fifth dimension conscious doing it. The logic is; we are conscious of a past having taken place, and a future there for us to use as our present.  If we are conscious and aware of our fourth dimension by contemplating the affects; then we must be observing from the fifth.  We must be outside of the fourth dimension in order to have this perspective. It is quite possible we are fifth dimensional entities because of this particular level of awareness.

This is where I deduce expanding dimensions containing each other. Think about this experiment for a moment; if you were inside of a point, it would be impossible to be aware that you are part of this point; until you left the inside of that point and viewed it from the outside. You are in essence willing yourself out of that dimension and into the one that contains it, or at least somehow gaining perspective from it, in order to be aware of it.  If we know we are 3D objects, and we can see our 4D for how it influences and contains our life cycle, then we must be viewing this consciously from the fifth dimension.

We are aware of time, more so than the animals around us.  We know the fourth dimension gives us time to live as a result of its containment of the third. We know there has been a past; we place value on it, we try to record it for the future we constantly talk about. This is what separates us from the other animals. We contemplate our lives using time as the sole reference; this is what the other animals do not do.  This is why we are different; we are moving (or have gone) into the fifth dimension perspective because of our awareness of the fourth due to the effects we call time.

So what does this mean for time travel?  Well, it gets kind of tricky, but if we are conscious beings occupying more than one dimension, then it would follow we must be part of a journey through dimensions, densities, and levels of consciousness (awareness).  It would make sense right? If we see ourselves from outside of the third and fourth dimensions, then that may imply that we can journey to the sixth if we are not there already.  If we can journey to the sixth, then we can see all of the time (in 4D) that has existed up to this moment, as one single instant. Then, if we go back to the fifth dimension perspective (from the sixth) to experience the fourth, theoretically, we should be able to go to any part of our history. I can’t imagine control of that is possible, but that may be because I’m a fifth dimension consciousness. Since I cannot be certain that control of where one would enter and leave this instant is impossible, I must assume that it is possible.

So we need to be conscious of the fifth dimension in order to have sixth dimension perspective, and vice versa. If you have sixth dimension perspective you should be able to access the past through travels back and forth (between fifth and sixth) by means of consciousness.  According to these principals, time travel is possible through the consciousness.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


If there is no time, then we must live in an instant.  How can this be true or even understood? It’s all because of perspective.   If the pressure of the fourth dimension results in a product (time), then that product is seen in the fourth dimension only, and not in the fifth (containing the fourth) or the sixth containing the fifth.  From those dimensions, they are not seen as time, but as an instant.

Think of it like this: there is a book and the book is suspended in the air in the middle of a room. At this moment, you are small enough to fit in the pages and you are flat like the pages and you are inside of this book living the same life you do now on earth.

The pages each have a story that has been written and have plenty of room to write more and when you are inside you cannot see an end to them or a beginning because it runs in an eternal cycle. The last page becomes the first, and every page is the last. There is no book cover because there is no room for it and of course, no need. The pages go in a complete circle being so tight you cannot see between them. Actually, you can barely tell it’s a book but if you get close enough you could see that there are pages (planes) and there are an infinite number of them. The closer you get the more pages there are. You can never get close enough to see one page.  But of course, you don’t even know it’s a book because you are inside of it. You have no idea what it is because the border of the book is the extent of your vision.

But you don’t like being in the book and you want to leave.  You desire to be outside of the book and see it for what it really is.  This will prove hard because you see no border to the book, no way out, the pages go on forever, there is no beginning or end, and no escape.  So you must imagine very hard and mentally take yourself outside of the book so you can see the border. You cannot go there, but you can imagine going there, and that’s good enough to get there.  Once you have done this, you have left the book and instantly arrive at a perspective where the book is seen as a point in the distance, because you are so far away.  At this moment you can never get closer to the point or further from it.  No matter which direction you go, the point stays the same size and occupies the same spot in your field of vision.

Now, because you are outside of the book, and can no longer see the pages, everything in it does not exist to you because you can never be close enough to see it as anything but a point. It will always be a point and will always keep its secret of time.  It will never reveal to you it is more than just a point but divided into infinite experiences squeezed and held in by the pages.  This secret is reserved for only those that are inside of it and experience it.  To something outside, it will experience none of these infinite instances going on inside, but rather one instance (point) as seen from the outside.

This is why I say time is not a dimension.  It is the result of a dimension for us to experience.