Sunday, September 28, 2014


KLINGER’S THEORY (of Planer Forces)

The following is a list of claims used to define Klinger’s Theory of Planer Forces.

1. The Universe is formed and influenced by planer forces.

2. Our visible Universe makes up an octave of dimensions. Every octave completes a cycle and contains everything visible in our night sky. The octave contains the border of our universe down to the building blocks we theorize as atoms (three dimensional matter).

3. All matter manifests into all dimensions and does so in the shape of a Fibonacci helix. It is natures drill bit.
   a. Three dimensional matter manifests in the fourth dimension.
      i. Creates Fibonacci Helix we see with plants and animals.
   b. Fourth dimensional matter (Sun and Planets) manifests in the fifth dimension as our solar system, and (at the right speed) can be seen as a Fibonacci helix.
   c. Fifth dimensional (Stars collating) manifests in the sixth dimension as a galaxy in the shape of a Fibonacci helix.
   d. Sixth dimensional (Galaxies) manifests in the seventh dimension as the Universe in the shape of a Fibonacci helix.
       1. We cannot see this because we are inside of the singularity. This means the sixth dimension is the limit of our conscious awareness.
      2. We would have to be outside of the singularity in order to see the Fibonacci helix made by the Universe. But, we would then be in a different octave, and still unable to see the Universe’s helix from our perspective.
   e. The eighth dimension is the same as the first, just like an octave scale of music.

4. Time is not the fourth dimension. Time is a product of the fourth dimension.
   a. The first three dimensions do not experience time as we do in the fourth; therefore, they are seen as a solid.
   b. All of the “time” experienced in the fourth dimension is seen as an instant in the fifth, sixth and seventh. The fourth dimension is seen as a solid from the sixth dimension.
   c. Three dimensional matter appears in the fourth dimension, and creates a wave that is squeezed (pinched flat) by the fifth dimension. This becomes our solar plane created by the seam between opposing planer forces closing in on the appearing star. The smashed wave traps the three dimensional debris and creates a pause for the matter to experience itself.

5. Gravity, as currently defined (attraction of mass), is a false interpretation of reality. Planer forces are responsible for all motion in our Universe.
  a. Gravity on our earth is a centrifugal force projected onto the earth’s surface from its rotation (orbit) around the Sun.
      i. The earth is the wall of a centrifuge.
      ii. Time (product of fourth dimension) is responsible for us seeing this orbit as lengthy but it happens in an instant, everywhere but here.

6. Three dimensional conscious matter travels (cycles) from the fourth to the sixth dimensions.
   a. The three dimensional material cycles in the fourth.
   b. Consciousness travels to the sixth dimension to complete its cycle.
      i. We know this because three dimensional matter is seen in the sixth dimension with galaxy formations. This (sixth dimension) is the extent our consciousness is aware.
      ii. Our consciousness is moving to the sixth, once we are aware of the fifth dimension, by definition, we must be in the sixth to experience the awareness.
7. Every octave of dimensions is contained in a singularity.

8. Energy is a product of the pressure dimensions apply to each other.
   a. All pressure is derived from surrounding dimensions and all dimensions are pressurized.
   b. Energy is seen as the life cycle of all matter inside of dimensions.

9. All the matter we see is contained in all of the dimensions at all times. a. Because time is our observation window into the Universe, we have a perspective unique to the dimension we occupy in the singularity.

10. Everything is connected and the spiritualists are correct. It may be magic to us, but it is real.

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